Av: Fëanor
Bild: Taurrohir (redigering Gustav Dahlander)

Sung by Bran son of Grimbold at Théodred's mound.

e's dead! Our valiant prince is dead,
he lies now pale and cold.
In battle he his blood did shed
all for his country bold.
And so he fell, the noblest lord
this land has ever known.
He'll never wield the regal sword
nor sit upon the throne.

But though he lies now in the ground
his name will never fade.
For Evermind adorn his mound
in sunshine and in shade.
Beneath them now he lies in fame
like mighty Kings of yore.
And in our songs and lays his name
will live for evermore.


Evermind = simbelmynë. The white flowers that grow upon the mounds of the dead Kings of Rohan.

The melody of this song was composed by Thomas Moore, the National Bard of Ireland, for his song "Tara's Harp" (Irish melodies volume 1). You can find it here.


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